Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital


When you first look at this photograph you notice the children’s faces, not the fact that many of them have a plaster on their leg or arm, after they have had some type of operation or other hospital treatment.

Maybe someone can name the two members of staff in the picture.


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  • I was in Harlow Wood in June 1979 for 3 weeks having a spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis. My surgeon was Mr John Webb, a great surgeon. It was a very scary time for me going through surgery, but Mr Webb, Sister Sycamore and all the doctors and nurses were very supportive, so made my time there a lot better.
    My back is a lot better now after having the surgery, I am so grateful to Mr John Webb and his staff. Harlow Wood was such a great hospital it was a shame it closed. I will never forget my time there.

    By Philomena taylor (14/10/2023)
  • My daughter stayed here 88 ish with clicking hips. On a weekend visit I was introduced to a cleaner who had been searching for my father (adopted), and turned out to be his half sister. Sadly I never met her again

    By Paul Rushby (29/06/2022)
  • I spent many weeks in Harlow Wood from being a baby up to 18 years of age. Ward 3 & particularly Sister Stone will always hold a very special place in my heart. She was like an angel with such a beautiful manner & kind voice. She made hospital stays that much more bearable 💕

    By Gillian Young (26/04/2022)
  • Kate Taylor has sent this lovely comment for us to add – Editors

    I was on Ward 3 in about 1973 having been born with a dislocated hip. I remember the huge plaster and having traction. Sister Stone is the only nurse I remember and what a lovely nurse she was. I remember on the day of my operation, I wouldn’t go down until I’d watched Play Skool. To this day, I cannot abide the smell of Benolyn Cough Mixture as it reminds me of the pre-med I was given at the time. So many memories from that hospital, all good ones. Kate Taylor

    By Pauline Marples (14/05/2021)
  • The other member of staff, the lady in the white coat, is Miss Ida K Revill, who taught me to read and write when I was in Harlow Wood from 1950 to 1953 (aged 3 to 6.) I visited her when she was an old lady in a Nottingham nursing home and was able to reminisce with her.

    By Patricia Neal (07/07/2019)
  • I spent several years in Harlow Wood as a child, in the 60’s, having corrective surgery for a CDH…and further surgery in my late 20’s. Sister Yvonne Stone [later became Baker] was ward sister on the children’s ward 3. She was the greatest, and all the staff, Mrs Davis & Mrs Hootin, Trotty at night made it all wonderful, & I mean wonderful. Thanks to them all from Ruth Strauther (as was)

    By Ruth Sheldon (nee Strauther) (24/05/2018)
  • Sister Stone is my mother and yes her name is Yvonne but she is now known as Yvonne Baker. I was so excited to see your message Stephen (It was actually my mum that showed it to me today) I’ve often thought about you over the years and wondered what you were doing now. I am hoping you’re still checking is message board! I will contact the moderators to see if they can swap our details or look me up on facebook as Adrian Warren-Stone. Hope to see you soon!

    By Adrian Warren-Stone (15/03/2018)
  • Sister Stone is, I am sure, Yvonne Stone.  She was the mum of my best friend at school – Adrian – over the years I have tried to find out where Adrian is, so if anyone can help…we lived on Beverley Drive Mansfield and both attended Berry Hill Junior School.  We used to go up to the hospital at weekend and were allowed to go in the swimming pool – we had it to ourselves as I recall.  This is all 45 years or so ago!

    By stephen brown (18/02/2016)
  • Oh yes, definitely Sister Stone. Ward 3 for 4 1/2 months in 1970 for a spinal fusion (Peter Jackson) and a week in 1978 to have my Harrington rod removed (John Webb)

    By Barbara Tate (28/10/2015)
  • I was a student nurse between 1960/1963. with my twin Jackie. I completed my training at Nottingham General Hospital then returned as a Staff Nurse on Ward 3 in 1965. (The others in my year went on to Leicester to complete their training) I left in 1968 to move to Yorkshire. I now live in Texas, U.S.A & would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.


    By Gill Beswick (12/10/2015)
  • I was an inpatient on several occasions between 1977 and 1982 due to scoliosis.  I was an out-patient between about 1974 and 1992.  Mr John Webb carried out my spinal fusion operation in 1982. I remember Sister Stone and Sister Sycamore.  Also the teacher Mrs Blagg.  In December 1977, a local theatre group performed a pantomime (Aladdin) there and the cast gathered round my bed for a publicity photo that appeared in the local paper (Mansfield Advertiser?).  It was fun in summer months when the beds would be moved outside during the day.

    By Alan Hawkins (11/10/2015)
  • I was on ward 3 in 1966 for a leg lengthening operation from the January until December I was under professor William Waugh I remember a night nurse who they called Trotter a fantastic nurse.

    By linda tuxford (14/02/2014)
  • I stayed in ward 3 a few times over 6 years. I had an accident to my hand in 1964 & the best surgeon in the country at that time was Guy Pulvertaft. As I lived in Yorkshire at the time I remember only having visitors at the weekend but you soon got used to it, we were like a little family & Sister Stone & the other nurses were lovely – I never wanted to go home! Matron used to let me go on her rounds with her & was always given sweets on the mens ward. I think the lady in charge of our ‘lessons’ was Mrs Clewitt.

    By Kay Walton (27/01/2014)
  • I spent 7mths in Harlow wood at the age of 18mth old in 1976, due to being born with dislocated hip. I had 4 major ops. I can’t remember much but do remember being wheeled outside & missing my parents as they lived miles away. I went back every year till I was 18yr old…. Great hospital

    By Helen Bridges (24/08/2013)
  • I was a patient on this ward (ward 3) in 1985. I had extensive work done on my right Femur by Mr Hopkins (following a motorcycle accident) . I remember it well. I was 18 at the time. Ian Merrill

    By Ian Merrill (25/03/2013)
  • I was student nurse at Harlow Wood in 1956/57 & remember Guy Pulvertaft well as he performed the first surgical procedure I had ever watched. How brilliant was he! I can’t say how amazed I was at what seemed to me to be an absolute miracle as he drew out the fingers of a little girl from what had been just a mass of tissue to leave her with a proper & functioning hand.

    By Peggy Walker (23/10/2012)
  • I was a patient in Harlow Wood about May time 1960. I have brittle bone disease and my surgeon was a Mr Waugh, who performed a first class job on both may left and right tib and fibula’s by straightening them out with pins. I also remember the ward sister, sister Langton who was very kind to me. Many memories. P.Barrett Sheffield.

    By PAUL BARRETT (17/04/2012)
  • I was also a patient on this ward, I was born with both hips dislocated at birth, my surgeon was also Mr Waugh. I think that we all have fond memories of ward 3 with Sister Stone. The last time I was on this ward was 1967, having spent the shortest time there 7 months, (the longest I can remember was 18 months), I was with older chidren being thirteen, oh dear did we cause mayhem sometimes, (happy memories). Ironically my eldest daughter was born in 1976 with hip problems, I walked on to the ward with her, and the first person I saw was Sister Stone,and she still knew who I was.

    By margaret mosley (north) (07/11/2011)
  • I was a patient at Harlow Wood orthopaedic hospital in 1978/1979, having had a spinal fusion operation. The Sister in the photo is, I believe, Sister Yvonne Stone. She was Sister of Ward 3, the Childrens ward. The ward was divided by the glass panelled doors into the babies/older children. At the time I was very, ill having caught an infection after my operation, and was placed in isolation in one of the side rooms opposite the entrance to the main part of the ward. I was there for approximately two months, and have very fond memories of Sister Stone and all of the staff who worked so very hard to provide excellent care.

    By david clay (31/05/2011)
  • My Mum was a night sister at Harlow Wood from around 1966 until the mid 70’s. I have shown her this picture – she thinks the Sister in the photo is Sister Stone (sorry, I don’t have her first name). Sister Stone worked with a Mrs Davis, but we are not sure that is her in the photo. I was also an inpatient for a number of months in 1966, having corrective hip surgery under Professor Waugh. I was only 2 then, but returned for check up’s until I was 17.

    By Fiona Hurley (Telford) (12/08/2010)
  • I was an inpatient at Harlow Wood for 18 months during 1955/56 and attended for annual check ups until the late 60s. Although I don’t remember much, I do remember Guy Pulvertaft who was always very kind. I think I was a novelty because he specialized in hands and I was there with a hip problem. Strangely enough I do remember the swimming pool because in those days there weren’t that many indoors!

    By Rosemary Slessor (10/08/2010)
  • I was a regular in this hospital from being 18 months old (1960) til my teen years. Born with a dislocated hip, treated with lots of operations by Prof William Waugh – a great surgeon, many happy memories in this hospital – makes me feel emotional to read about it and see photos especially, I wonder when this photo was taken – could I be in it? In my frog plaster?

    By julie gover (connon) (16/07/2010)
  • I was in this ward in 1951, I was there for one year under Dr Thompson , I was 7 years old , the hospital also had a swimming pool.

    By Roger Pope (05/04/2010)

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