Hair Cut Sir?

This photograph at Harlow Wood Hospital was taken around late 1940’s early 1950’s (no later than 1952).

The hairdresser in the picture is Arthur Harrison.  Arthur worked for Len and Les Cornwall on Westgate, Mansfield, which was around the site of the library over Buxtons Drapery Shop.

It was in the era when patients beds, plus equipment were all pushed outside. The trees in the background make us aware of the lovely environment the hospital was built in. While there were no televisions for patients to watch in those days, there would have been plenty of birds, squirrels and other wild life for them to look at.

Acknowledgement is given to Mr Barrie Harrison for the photograph and information about his father


Private collection

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  • I was a teenage patient in 1970, being treated for scoliosis.  Our beds were pushed outside during good weather.  I remember the trees very well; on one occasion some younger visitors approached me from the “woods” in fancy dress!  As I wasn’t allowed to raise my body, I couldn’t see much of the wildlife.  It wasn’t the happiest time in my life, but now, thank God!, I find that at last I can look back and remember without feeling haunted…  

    By Catherine Tye (14/07/2015)

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