WW2 Duties of a Fire Guard

This lovely Forest Town lady always used to giggle when she reminisced of fire training, as they were taught how to use a stirrup pump in a bucket of water to put fires out. She giggled because she said it was a good job there was never a fire as she could never work the stirrup pump. How fortunate she saved these documents etc.

Arm Band
Compulsory enrolement letter
Outline of duties
Training card
Inside of training card
Air raid information
Air raid information
Eyeshield container
Eyeshield container

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  • As odd as it may seem, does anyone remember the old Army stores which used to occupy the Wolfhunt house, during the eighties? I do, and as well as penknives, rucksacks etc., you used to be able to buy these eyeshields from there too, still in their brown, ex WD packaging for around a pound. I seem to remember either clear, or near enough black tinted. We used to ride our bikes wearing them and pretend to be racing.

    By John (18/05/2015)

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