Mansfield Sea Cadets

More photographs from the Museums Chad Negative collection which may bring back memories for some of the people in the photographs. It is also good to know the Sea Cadets are still an active group in Mansfield.

No 1 Presentation Quarry Lane. September 1968
CHAD 28621 -08
No 2
CHAD 28650 -14 August 1976
No 3
CHAD 28650 -17 August 1976
No 4 Inspection 1971
CHAD +2536 -35
No 5 Inspection 1971
CHAD +2536 -36
No 6 - 1971
CHAD +2876 -32
No 7 - 1971
CHAD +2876 -34

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  • I went to some fantastic places with the Cadets. I remember going to Portsmouth on a P.T.I. course and to Loch Ewe in Scotland, also to Hornsea on a shooting course, learning all about weapons and getting to fire 6 rounds from an old 303.
    Then there was the annual expedition and we went all around the Fort William area culminating with a trek up Ben Nevis, done over a 4 day period and walking up to 20 miles a day with all our gear and food packed in Bergens and carried on our backs.
    Good days, kindest regards to all who ever went on one of the expeditions, Dave

    By David Cartwright (08/10/2020)
  • I was in the Marine Cadets serving at TS Prince Charles in the mid 1960’s. It’s great to see the photos and even better to see John (Sam) Saddled on one of them. Also recognised Petty Officer Clay and the wonderful Lt Marshall as that was the rank he had when I was a cadet. Does anyone know Graham Phillips, Dickie Dawson, Glenn Telford, Strauther and can anyone tell me what happened to Sub Lt Savage? I too remember Lt Wood, he was Commanding Officer and ran a very tight ship. My best mate back then was Bryn Slack, he was in the Sea Cadets, can anyone remember him?
    Kindest regards, Dave

    By David Cartwright (08/10/2020)
  • I’m sad to hear that Steve Hayden passed away. We served together on HMS Blake and the Penelope. He was a funny guy. I can remember on the Penny, the whole mess went ashore for a serious drinking session. He was absolutely bladdered, back on the ship we managed to draw two black eyes and other drawing on each cheek, not his face. He didn’t realise until he went home and his wife found out! On the Blake, he decided to do a turn on a ‘Sods Opera’ he had a cardboard guitar and was trying to sing Elvis songs. Hilarious! He was certainly a character, he will be missed. RIP Steve.

    By Ken Wake (27/09/2020)
  • Hello Margaret,
    I thought it was Norman. I worked in the area as the admin assistant in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s leaving around 1972 (I think) to manage Blaskeys paint & Wallpaper.
    I remember you dad well as I was a “young jockey” and he was always willing to help and put a headstrong young lad (18-20ish) on the right path. Always calm and knowledgeable on the subject of our industry and the new housing we were dealing with. He covered the Newark and Southwell area so was often first out and last to return. Very approachable and I don’t remember hearing a bad word said of him. Working with men like Norman was a pleasure and a learning opportunity to see the world in a broader landscape.
    Geoff Bray was the section leader with two reps making a group of four. Two others were Keith Barden and Paddy Shevlin.
    It was a pleasure and privilege to work with men like your father. I’m no longer in the area having moved to Norfolk in 1978. I posted on this site a canned history of my short time at Emgas. (search Emgas)
    Happy times.

    By David Holt (25/09/2020)
  • Hi David Holt, yes that is Norman Wood, I’m his Daughter.

    By Margaret Wood (24/09/2020)
  • Can anyone confirm if the officer on the extreme left in picture 7 is Norman Wood? I worked with him at Emgas, Lime tree Place in the New Housing department and I seem to remember he was connected with the Sea Cadets

    By David Holt (09/09/2020)
  • Wow! What a trip down memory lane.
    Loved being in the sea cadets, the laughs, jokes, activities and trips away with the regular Navy, gave a young man a sense of purpose, hardly surprising that 6 of us all joined up and went in the Navy 2 weeks apart.

    By Steve Hicken (07/09/2020)
  • On photo 2, the cadet on far left middle row is myself, Craig McCann.
    Does anyone know where Ken Wake is now?
    Last I heard he was in metropolitan police.

    By Craig McCann (14/07/2020)
  • Good pictures, fine body of men and happy memories for me way back in the mid ’50’s, when I was a Sea Cadet at this very location.
    Couldn’t help noticing the ‘error’? on Pic number 7. No harm done though – to many tots of rum maybe before the table was laid! Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned earlier. Did anyone else spot it?
    (The Sea Cadet Corps emblem on it’s side that is?)

    By Steeve Cee (12/01/2020)
  • Sadly I put in this comment because my school & former Sea Cadet pal Steve (acker)Hayden past away last week, it was a shock to everyone as he was only 56, he served in the Royal Navy straight from being a cadet of TS Prince Charles & from school, along with Tinker, Stephen Hicken, young Mr Johnson, amongst a few others to join up that year from Mansfield Sea Cadets.

    By Peter Gedling (22/10/2018)
  • Just found the photos on the net. They brought back some memories. Can’t believe they were taken over 40 years ago. Lots of happy times. I get to Mansfield every so often. I might have to visit the old place.

    By Ken Wake (23/04/2017)
  • Yes Kelly I would imagine it has changed, back when I was a marine cadet the marines section was quite large. much larger than the sea cadet unit, I understand that the Marines are now Royal Marine cadets, a campaign was started way back during my time as a cadet, however we never received that distinction, I’m really pleased to hear the TS Prince Charles unit remains strong, keep up your good work, I know I & many others appreciated our instructors. I’m equally sure the cadets appreciate yours too.

    By P.Gedling (09/04/2017)
  • The photo’s are great of course, however they don’t do justice to the unit as it was in the mid 70’s, shame not more photo’s  to show just how the strength was back then, photo 2 shows just a fraction of the compliment as it was.

    By P. Gedling (09/04/2017)
  • I attend Mansfield Sea Cadets as a Petty Officer it’s changed a little however we are still at great strength, its great to look at these photos. 

    By Kelly Hurst (05/04/2017)
  • I would imagine most of us former cadets are in our mid 50’s by now, perhaps some in the 60’s, does anyone know if any of the instructors are still alive, I know Captain Marshall died when I was in my early 20’s, I did meet him one last time when I was 20, bumped into him in Mansfield, Lcpl Jones was at deal last time I saw him with a broken ankle, does anyone know what happened to him?.

    By PETE GEDLING (12/03/2016)
  • I was a marine cadet at same time as Steve (acker) Hayden, he was a sea cadet though as the photo No 2 shows. Mr Tinker, I’m not 100% sure, however the Marine standing next to Lcpl Jones looks rather like me back then, but it’s rather a long time ago, I can’t really remember now, yes Mr Noble the building is still there.

    Great to see these old photos,  I still see Steve (Acker) Hayden from time to time, also Steve Hicken can’t place him in photo though both doing well since they left navy, as far as I can tell. 


    By Pete Gedling (08/03/2016)
  • Thanks Mark Tinker for reminding me of the names of the cadets and instructors in photo no. 2. When I joined the Marine Cadets Captain Marshall was detachment Commander with Sergeant John Sadler was his 2nd in Command. L/Cpl Hickling & Jones were the old sweats in the detachment, my mate Richard Fillingham persuaded me to join the Marines after hearing Ken Wake a school friend trying to get me to be a sea cadet. Glyn Johnson, Kev Roberts, Ken Wake (not in the picture) Richard Fillingham & myself all went to school together.  

    By Neil Davidson (22/07/2014)
  • Hi there

    I was in the Sea Cadets  mid_late 60s , enjoyed every minute , I have lived in Adelaide Australia  since 1970 ,  Tell me is the  building still there? I lived on Bradder st  

    Gary  Noble,

    3rd May 2014 .

    By Gary Noble (03/05/2014)
  • Garry,  you did indeed live on Bradder Street…You are the son of Jim Noble and Marge Noble / Austin , that was, before they married.They lived in Arlington house at the bottom of the street.They used to go to the Lord Byron pub with my sister Alice and her husband Reg. I’m pretty sure I can remember you being born. By the way, I’ve been to Adelaide.  Regards Alan.

    By Alan Curtis (03/05/2014)
  • Picture2. Back row L to R ?, Gordon Vasey, Harry Bantom, Pete Clay, Capt Stan Marshall, chief Huffen, Knobby Clarke RN. Middle row L to R: ?, Kev Roberts, Brian Roberts, Lcpl Hickling, Lcpl Jones, ?,?, Paul Huffen, Dougie Burnham, ?. Front row L to R: ?, ?, Glyn Johnson, Mark Tinker, ?, ?, Steve Hayden.

    By Mark Tinker (14/03/2014)
  • Being the current officer in charge of Mansfield Sea Cadets these are great to see. I’d love to see more so we can make a historic time line of our unit. We have very little in the way of unit history so if anyone has more or would like to come down to the unit and share stories they are more than welcome!

    By Richard Moles (12/03/2014)
  • Great pictures from the past. If anyone has any other old photos of Mansfield Sea Cadets then please contact us via our facebook page or drop us an email Thanks CPO Bailey 1st Lt Mansfield Sea Cadets

    By Bill Bailey (12/03/2014)
  • What great photos, I was a Marine cadet in the 1970’s I can remember the instructors but can’t remember their names. The Marine Officer was our detachment commander and I am sure he lived on Vale Road in Mansfield Woodhouse. I am on the front row 3rd from the right in photo No2, my mate Richard Fillingham is 2nd from the left on the front row. I am sure Kev Roberts is 2nd left on the middle row, can’t remember what the photograph was taken for. Neil Davidson

    By Neil Davidson (08/01/2014)

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