Old Woodus !

Marvelous what you save.

By Alan Curtis

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This page was added on 11/04/2016.
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Nice to see such an early picture of my neck of the woods. I recall most of these shops from days gone by, and most of the shopkeepers who ran them. Sid Lowe who had the hardware shop in the very centre, selling all the gardeners requisites and Paraffin "Esso Blue." The chippy,formerly ran by Mr Jilkes/Ghilkes???? and then Theo and his wife Theodora. The shop between Tony Peters and the fish shop has lived many lives, it was a greengrocers run by by Roy and Margaret Woolley when I first knew it,latterly the wine cellars and other off licence type arrangements. And finally Carters newsagents, no post office in there then, the PO lived around the corner next to the Co-op butchers and hairdressers. And the Co Op itself before this one closed and it took it's business down on the high street of Woodhouse. All still stands, just under different tenure nowadays.

By John
On 09/07/2017

I remember the shops and pub from the 60's when my Gran pop into the pub for a take away bottle of Mackeson stout, then on to the Co op to pay an installment towards her funeral and get her shopping which would include a single sausage from the butcher which we would eat raw (delicious) which was a real treat while walking back to her council bungalow and no, we never suffered from worms!

By Glenn Sutcliffe
On 11/07/2017

Glenn, I believe that back in the day,the butcher was a man called Henry.The Co-operative shop still looks very much the same inside now as when I too used to be sent up there as a child, with very little changed.

By John
On 24/07/2017

Having had a recent and interesting conversation with a retired bricklayer, he informed me that the houses on Beech Tree Avenue at Mansfield Woodhouse were built in 1954 by the direct labour of the then borough of Mansfield.The amalgamation of the two councils not coming about until the mid seventies I think???.Hazel Grove,came on from about 1956 onwards I am also informed.I'd like to meet more people with information like this readily to hand.

By John
On 14/08/2017

Hello Alan,

I remember the shops in photo and if I remember correctly a Mr Dale had the greengrocer shop first and the first newsagent was a Mr Turner. Think also the shop where post office is now used to be a chemist. Great to see an early photo, do you know what year it was taken?





By Liz Sansom
On 15/08/2017