Mayors of Mansfield.

The picture shows the Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Mansfield 1964-65 Mr. William Kaye and his lady wife Mrs.Gladys Elizabeth Kaye, whom I believe were the last duly elected Mayor and Mayoress of the town of Mansfield…I understand that after their term of office, the Mayoral election procedure changed……

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  • As a young man, Mr Kaye senior worked at Pleasley Colliery for many years. Upon leaving High Oakham School, his son, the young William Kaye, also joined his father by working at Pleasley Colliery.They both worked down the mine. Mr Kaye the younger, went on to join the Police Force and became a Mansfield Policeman, where he met and fell in love with Miss Edith May Slack. The two Married and in later years they had a daughter whom they named Jane. When PC Kaye was offered promotion to Nottingham, Edith said she did not want to move away from Mansfield and her sick father. So PC Kaye left the Police Force and started his own business delivering groceries from an old converted bus. He progressed from this to a large Self Service Shop on the Ladybrook estate. Mr Kaye went on to become a very prominent figure at Coxmoor Golf Club and soon to become a very active Captain of Coxmoor G.C. Mr. and Mrs Kaye were married for just two weeks short of their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. It is very sad to say that just a year before Mr Kaye passed away, they lost their daughter Jane, whether this had a bearing on Mr William Kaye junior, we shall never know. Mr Kaye senior also left Pleasley Colliery to take up a more political place in the running of things to do with Mansfield Council. He did much good for the people of Mansfield whilst in office, and was soon to become Lord Mayor of Mansfield. an office and people he was proud to serve.

    By alan curtis (15/09/2013)
  • Hello Pam, how are you? It was the son Bill who delivered the grocery s from the old converted bus. What a nice family they all were. I believe he garaged the bus on Ruth Street. This was all before he took over the shop on Ladybrook. They must have worked very hard as they were out with the bus all hours.

    By alan curtis (09/03/2013)
  • How lovely, Mr Kaye was our greengrocer, he came round with an old converted bus, I remember him in his old brown overall. He once took me to see Doris Speed & Arthur Lesley from Coronation Street when they came to Mansfield. Wonder if any one has a photo of the event. Lovely memories, I would only be 8 or 9 years old.

    By Pam Kitchen (08/03/2013)

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