Mansfields new Bus Station in progress

Photos taken on 30th August 2012, while enjoying a cup of tea in the old Co-op Cafe, now Beales.

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  • I disagree with the above commentator somewhat, I feel (having used the new bus station) a few times now, that the whole thing is an improvement on what went before, the draughty,dirty,somewhat smelly old station was past it’s time, and only contributed to the widely spread rumour that Mansfield “stopped” at some point in the late seventies.The new building is clean, safe, efficient in it’s use of light and space, is fit for purpose. As for the old bus station, and yet another car park-I personally think something better could be done with the land, some bright retail space for those on foot maybe?

    By John. (26/01/2014)
  • Only time will tell how long buildings will remain. Mansfield is not really any different to many towns and cities which are a mixture of old and new buildings, some that are approved of and some that are not. As the saying goes ‘you cannot please all of the people all of the time’.

    By Editors (26/01/2014)
  • All very smart but I’m sure the building on the left will still be standing long after the steel folly has been scrapped. Still, as we draw ever closer to the opening I was wondering about the old site. Anyone know what will become of it? I did hear mention of ‘Car Park’, I hope it won’t simply be fenced off and left to look forlorn?

    By Berisford Jones (04/12/2012)

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