Notts NUM Working Miners Rally - Berry Hill Park - 1st May 1984

On 1st May 1984 a demonstration was held by working Notts NUM members on Berry Hill Park outside the Notts Area (NUM) Headquarters.  Estimates vary on the number at the demonstration but an accurate assessment put the numbers as around 7,000 working miners with around 1,000 NUM strike supporters being in the NUM HQ.

The demonstration was held as a protest against the way the strike was being conducted, many working Notts NUM members believing it was undemocratic and not in line with past Notts Area (NUM) custom and practice.

As a result of the demonstration came a collection around the Notts working NUM Branches which eventually resulted in a court ruling in late May 1984 that the strike was unofficial in the Notts Area.

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  • I lived on Faraday Road at the time and can remember the noise coming from the demonstration. I kept well away

    By Andy Bailey (18/04/2016)
  • My memories of this event were from the NUM side of the fence, I feel so proud that I was one of the Notts miners that stood upto the tory government at that time. It still makes me proud that I can say I was loyal to the last and can hold my head high. thanks …

    By eli parkinson (27/08/2013)

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