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If you like history, local knowledge, great photography, and have a connection with Warsop, and its surrounds, please pay us a visit on Facebook. Warsop, photos and memories.


Nearly three years ago, four Warsop people, created this Facebook page, to promote, and connect village people, with old photos, stories, and pictures. We now have 3800 members, and the page moves on, every day. Many friendships, have been made, rekindled, and enjoyed. If you want to be part of this, please apply to join.

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  • Sonya
    If looking for cottages on Eastlands Lane on 1939 register, the area was known as Old Church Warsop. No. 20 Eastlands Lane was 10 Old Church Warsop.

    By Peter (15/12/2020)
  • Hi all, hope you all well. Has anyone got any information or photos of Eastlands Lane, Warsop, Mansfield? I moved into the cottage 2 years ago and trying to research history of cottage. Cant find any house numbers at all for Eastlands Lane in 1939. Thanks so so much, any photos or information would be fantastic,
    Sonya x

    By Sonya white (16/08/2020)
  • Just a quick update, our page, has now moved on to 4300 members, all folk, with an attachment and love of Warsop and area. Please ask if you wish to join this ever-changing page.

    By Dale Norris (03/12/2015)
  • Passing through Warsop today on a very wet, cold and wintry November morning, I have noticed that the old houses that were part of JG (Jack) Etches business, work rooms etc-not really sure what purpose they served, these have been demolished in this past two weeks or so I would say. Previously there had been a fire and the damage possibly was not worth making reparations?? Either way, more old buildings gone, and whilst of no significant architectural importance, they undoubtedly had their own story of bygone Warsop to tell.

    By John (28/11/2015)
  • Hi John, The work to clear the island, has only been done the past 6 months. The entire dam, was dredged, new fishing platforms, and upriver, a re-alignment, of the river, to help with the breeding of fish. Over the past few months, swans and wildlife have returned. From what I am told, the plantings, and trees, will develop in the course of time.

    By Dale Norris (24/02/2015)
  • Lovely set of pictures of a very picturesque area.Warsop Carrs, and the church on higher ground above,make a really interesting and pleasant vista at any time of the year. I really like the snowscapes too as as snow always adds a little magic of its own I feel. Concerning the middle portion/island of the lake where the river runs beside, I am still rather alarmed at how denuded of trees and vegatation this area is nowadays, can anyone tell me why the extreme cutback and loss of the willow(?) trees that were once there? And in closing,I often wonder if others,as I have,have compared the winding and somewhat set back nature of the colliery housing at Church Warsop from afar,with the LS Lowry painting “A Hillside in Wales” It does bear a resemblence.

    By John (07/02/2015)

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