Warsop in 1980

Views around the shopping areas of Warsop in the 1980’s

Can you name the streets? How many of the shops are still there today [2010]? What do you remember about them?

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  • It’s sad news that Spencer’s shop on the High Streetis about to close its doors for one final time.The reasons for doing so are written beside their door, pinned up for all to see. It really is such a shame to see another long established and nice shop of obvious local worth, going to the wall. Sadly there is not enough footfall to sustain such a small business any more. We forget at our peril that these kind of stores which add so much character to the high streets of our nation, once gone, they never return. A true loss indeed.

    By John (28/08/2017)
  • I worked as a radio and television engineer at Burton & Sherwood’s shop on the High St. for over twenty five years. The original shop was located opposite THe Working Mens Club on Dawney Hill until the new premises were specially built for the expanding business. Times have changed a lot and the role of the small retailer has been overtaken by the likes of Asda etc.So there are very few of the independent shops left.

    By E. T. Prescott (18/05/2011)

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