Childhood on Lilac Grove

I was brought up from the age of four at 6 Lilac Grove, left to get wed 1959.

I remember playing football in the panhandle about ten kids and old Joe Perry Then we all went to Cyril Clarks house for cheese butties, Mrs Clark must have buttered two loaves.

Cyril played the banjo then we had a quiz on football. What Cyril didn’t know about football wasn’t worth knowing.

Then me and my best mate Mickey Gibbons went down to the shops to see if we could get a game of prits with the older boys,(Marbles) for you who don’t know. Then later it was rallyco.

I remember one night Joey Gibbons bought fish & chips for everybody he said it cost him half a crown. He by the way was the one who gave me my nickname (Boxer) when I was about ten. Happy days.


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  • Random comment I know, but I was scrolling through this page and came across this. Up until 3 years ago when I moved in with my partner, I used to live here. My parents still do to this day.
    I can’t remember what year my dad got the house but he has had it for around 20 years now if not more!! I just thought it was such a coincidence that I found a section on the house I grew up in.

    By Erin Baranski (21/04/2021)

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