The building of the Oak Tree Lane Estate 1977

Mansfield Chad

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  • I remember the landscape as per the above pic. I worked on the development of the entire site in a small way. I was driving concrete mixer trucks to this location in ’76 / ’77 just after I left the army.

    We were based in Ratcher Hill quarry just down the road at the time. Mansfield Standard Sand are still there no doubt. Hard work in that particularly hot summer of ’76. Even some of the local pubs were running out of ale!

    By Steeve Cee. (11/09/2017)
  • Between Crown Farm Lane and the bridge was a small oak wood which Jubilee Way went through. There were 3 huts, maybe WW1 troop huts, people lived in up the lane . My parents had the house built 1935 on Oak Tree Lane. I arrived Jan 1940. Late in the war watching yank tanks come up the farm road .One took a wide swing into Oak Tree Lane mounted the kerb missing me by a foot Have you got any gum chum. My older brother used to fetch their chips for them from Crown Farm chippie. For all sorts of treats .

    By w.p.15 7 13 (15/07/2013)
  • At a guess, that photo was taken off Oak Tree Lane where the dog leg in the road went over the Southwell railway branch. This area used to be an Army training ground and when it was being built, numerous rounds of amunition were dug up by the builders. On one occasion when they were digging out for the original Tesco, a JCB dug up a shell. Along with other colleagues, I went to look at it and it was decided to contact the Army Bomb disposal unit. a worker just kicked the shell back into the trench. The Army arrived and decided to blow it up so cleared everyone back only about 50 yds. We were in another trench when they set off the charge. It sounded like an atom bomb and the ground shook. When we all grouped around the hole again, the worker who had kicked it into the trench looked quite pale.

    By Allan Parker (13/05/2013)
  • I lived over in one of the last houses built in the 1st phase from 78. The railway line you mention (closed July 1967) was not actually used as the roadway. Jubilee Way (1975?) started just before the (now removed) bridge on Eakring Road and ran alongside and below the old trackbed. In fact it’s still there today, somewhat overgrown, missing/removed in places, but still there. Have a look on Google maps, you can clearly see the tree line of the old track.

    By Berisford Jones (07/11/2012)
  • Part of Jubilee way was the rail way line(Crown Farm pit) that linked on to the Mansfield/ Southwell line. I think you still can see this branch line on maps from the 1921-1924 Cassini map and sheet 120 Dukeries and Mansfield 1974 edition.

    By Pete Bennett (06/11/2012)
  • This must be the Jubilee Way side of Oak Tree Lane as Lingforest Rd side was being built in the middle to late 60’s. Both my brother and sister had houses on that estate in the 60’s.

    By Gordon Ball (17/10/2012)

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