Shoggy Green

  • Having read information from Alan Curtis re Bradder Street in which he makes reference to Shoggy Green,  l felt l had to write this as my great grandfather was Herbert Green better known by his nickname Shoggy Green and when l read about him it brought tears to my eyes.
  • Shoggy Green who l’m going to call him had two boys and one girl. The first boy Harold was killed in the war his name still stands on the memorial outside St Marks Church, his second was Albert his daughter Doris was my grandmother. Shoggy Green lived at No 17 Bradder Street with his wife Maria and children. When my grandmother grew up she met and married Cyril Scattergood. She left Bradder Street for a short while till her mother became ill then gave her house up and returned to Bradder Street to nurse her mother.
  • My mother Brenda was born then and she loved nothing better when my great gandad would let her sit on his horse and dray. Sadly Shoggy Green passed away when my mum was still very young but my grandmother who you call Mrs Scattergood stayed at no 17 till Bradder Street was demolished. l myself spent my lovely childhood on Bradder Street.

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  • My oh my, how amazing is that?  I knew Shoggy Green, and his daughter, whom I knew as Mrs Scattergood, and then, I also knew Brenda Scattergood, the young lady’s mother. In my mind’s eye, I can see each and everyone of the family.. For whatever reason, I cannot remember Mr Cyril Scattergood.. I believe Brenda and her mum, lived at the side of the middle entry on Bradder Street, it could well be the time she was looking after her mother. I also remember they had a black spaniel dog that had red eyes.. A lovely family, I must look, maybe Mrs Scattergood is on one of the street photographs. Sue, you must be very proud that your family member  is honoured for his bravery in the first world war, at St. Marks Church , the local church for the area. I’ve just looked at the page Bradder Street in the 40’s.Look on the picture of the ladies group that is taken on the Tippin,  Tell me who you see to the left of the front row holding a little girl?  Have your handkerchief at the ready, if I am not mistaken, it is your Gran, Mrs D Scattergood holding your Mum Brenda.

     I am so pleased I was able to remember Shoggy, many thanks for making my day.Alan.

    By Alan Curtis (Not yet approved)

    By Alan Curtis (10/02/2016)

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