Ken Dodd at Mansfield Co-op

The Chad negatives list this as being at Mansfield Co-op. I think we all know which one is the comedian Ken Dodd, can anyone name the other people, or tell us more about the event?

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Chad B+5069 07
No 2
Chad B+5069 09
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  • I think the Living Fire Centre manager in 1973 was Frank Milner.  I wonder why he is not pictured or what became of him?

    By Sheri Vine (15/12/2015)
  • Quite right in photo 2 R Blythe it is  Ron Percivial and the man on the left is Bernard Healed who held a managerial position on the hardware section as it was called in those days. Memories of the “Old Co-op” sadly missing now in Mansfield .


    By Former Woodus Lad (24/05/2015)
  • Photo 2.  Gentleman on the right is Mr Ron Percival, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Mansfield and Worksop Co-operative Society.

    By R Blythe (06/03/2015)
  • Can’t remember the event, I came to New Zealand in 1961.What I do recall is seeing Ken Dodd I think in Sheffield in 1959 /1960 and falling off my seat laughing.Good job it was an isle seat.

    By Johh Hedgecock (04/03/2015)

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