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Some time ago, I put on ‘ourmansfieldandarea’ some information about Elizabeth Heath, a local lady who had built in 1691, a row of Almshouses for the poor in Mansfield. Unfortunately, in recent years, they had finished up empty and neglected, although still of sound structure.

However, the Trustees, have recently managed to upgrade them to modern standards, so that six occupants now occupy the previous twelve cottages, so giving them more space, as well as a complete update to modern standards. There is also the good news that possibly by next year, the six additional cottages, in Portland Street, will be get a similar update, and will be fit for new occupation.

Ralph Holt


Nottingham Road Almshouses
Portland Street Almshouses

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  • Helen, Lavinia Bayes was admitted to 36, Nottingham Rd. on 29 Sept 1941 and lived there until she died on 15 Sept 1959, the home was then occupied by Alice until Jan 1966, when she left to live in West Bridgford.

    By Alan Wahlers (15/03/2020)
  • Not quite to the timetable that Ralph Holt envisaged but now completed and the six almshouses on Portland Street have been fully refurbished to form three new comfortable homes for the Elizabeth Heath Charity trustees.

    By Alan Wahlers (25/08/2019) (25/08/2019)
  • My two Quaker maiden aunts Ann Alice Bayes and Lavinia Bayes lived in the Almshouses. Lavinia had died some years before when I visited my ‘Auntie Alice’ in 1963-4. She was very happy living there.

    By Helen Bayes (25/06/2019)

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