Duke Street, Mansfield

Matt Hudson and daughter Marlene on her wedding day outside No35
Marlene Townsend
Steam loco driver Matt Hudson in rear yard of No35 Duke St.
Marlene Townsend
A youthful John Hudson posing on Frank Browns wall,Duke St.
Marlene Townsend.

My wife, Christine was born and lived at No.35 Duke Street, Mansfield. Her family consisted of: Dad, Matt Hudson – Steam train driver ….. Mum, Winnie / Ellen Hudson – housewife, who worked at Royce and Kath Warmbys chip shop and Bulls Head pub.  Eldest daughter Marlene, who married Glyn Townsend. Eldest son Matt, who married Sue. Christine, who married me.  Youngest son Johnny, who married Ruth.

Roughly halfway along the street was a general store run by Walt Smith, who had a daughter, Angela and a son Mick. The shop was later taken over by Sheila and Frank Groves.

Other residents of the street were: Mrs Brown whose son Frank lived next door to her, Pete Morley, Rita and Bob Searle, Mr and Mrs Green,the Drake family, Mr and Mrs Marriott,who had 2 sons, and also the Hickton family.

I wonder if anyone can remember any of the people who lived on Duke Street between the early 1940s to mid 1970s when it was demolished to make way for the inner ring road?

Page by Roger Newton 

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  • I lived next door to the shop at number 30. l was Kathleen Hickton, I lived with mum Kath and Aunt Maud. Grandad was there till 1953, his name was Arthur. I knew Bramley, Cook and Morley families.

    By Kate alsop (12/05/2022)
  • Hi everyone. I used to live on Lord Street and I knew Gillian when she was a little girl. I remember her family very well, especially her father who was a very kindly man and gave me my first job when I was 13 delivering newspapers. I knew the Drakes, there was Barry (who was murdered), Benny, Joan and Kevin.
    I know the chip shop next to the Bulls Head, it was Wharmbys but when I was a kid it was known as Royces Chippy. Gillian’s dad was named Walter and a nicer man would be hard to meet. I remember Mr Oranges butchers shop, and across the road Mrs Parkes fruit and veg shop but they weren’t sisters, they were mother and daughter, the mother’s name was Gladys and the daughter was Dorothy. Mrs Frosts shop was at the end of St Mark’s Terrace, then further down was the Co-op, opposite the Co-op was Marsden store which when it closed the premises were taken over by Bishop Street Club, or as some people knew it, Field Mill Social Club.
    I often think back to those happy days and think of the community that was just a few streets of terraced houses where everyone knew everyone else and were always willing to help in times of need. David Cartwright

    By David Cartwright (20/12/2021)
  • Hi l have just found this page about the Hudson family.
    My name is Roger Wharmby, the eldest son of Royce and Kath Wharmby. I remember all the Hudson family with great fondness, and in particular John who was my friend. Memories of playing football or cricket at the back of their house on Duke Street.
    Happy Days

    By Roger Wharmby (25/04/2021)
  • Hi I have only just found this site and have spent a very enjoyable afternoon browsing through. I was especially delighted to find the Duke Street part and very well remember The Hudsons, the Marriotts and Peter Moore.
    The Hallams remained part of my life for many years after moving from the street and on the occasion of Jackie’s funeral a few years ago, all met up again.
    Wonderful memories have come back of walking home after school with Peter and Ian, then going to Titchfield Park. Gillian Froggatt was also a friend of my brother John

    By Christine Overton nee Davis (12/05/2020)
  • My dad, John Edson, lived at 37 Duke Street

    By Kerry Morrell (24/02/2020)
  • I was born in 1952 at 40 Duke St, the house of my grandparents Fred and Clarice Robinson. They moved there in the mid 1930’s along with my dad, Kenneth, and were there until 1970 when they moved into a retirement bungalow on The Woodlands.

    By Paul Robinson (08/12/2019)
  • My Grandmother died in 1916 at 28 Duke St. Mary Pratley.

    By Alan Pratley (02/06/2018)
  • Would anyone know the Sims family who lived on Duke street, David Sims.


    Brian Sims

    By Brian Sims (08/10/2017)
  • Roger , do you know if Matt Hudson was the son of John Hudson & Laura Newbold ?

    if so then I am related. My great grandad was James Hudson b 1882 Mansfield , his brother was John Hudson b 1886 who had a son named Matthew Hudson born 1921

    By Simon Leivers (25/09/2017)
  • I remember Gill. I am Peter Moore brother of aforementioned Kay Moore who married Ian Marriott and yes we lived at number 6 Portland Street.  I was only showing my wife the house which used the be Orange the butcher and also pointed at the house which used the be the Post Office on Lord Street. I remember your Mum and Dad well and used to be a paper boy for your Dad too. It was a lively friendly shop and seemed to sell all the things you needed. There was also an off licence at the other of of our row of houses too. I remember playing football in the pub car park and using the wall of the engineering company as a goal.  Happy memories.

    I too remember Jonny Hudson, Me him and Ian Marriott were good mates and used to spend a lot of time in Titchfield Park. Remember going up to the Ladbrooke estate and babysitting for Jonny’s sister. He used to help a guy who did up cars on Duke Street and I think his name was John Hallam and had a brother called Vernon. I also remember a Christine Davies who also lived on Duke Street close to the shop.

    By Peter Moore (24/09/2017)
  • This certainly brings back memories for me. I was Gillian Froggatt and lived on the corner of Portland St and Highfield Terrace. My parent’s had a newsagents come general store. My bedroom overlooked Wharmby’s fish and chip shop and the Bulls Head. I remember the Drake family and the Marriotts. One of their sons married a childhood friend of mine called Kay Moore who also lived on Portland St. I also knew the Hallam family well as they were my parent’s good friends. They moved to Woodhouse Road.Frank went to live in Brazil and I think Vernie also joined him there. Mrs Hallam went to Spain on holiday with Vernie and my mum Sarah Froggatt. I remember the area well and all the streets that were eventually pulled down to create the ring road area. there was a builder’s yard next to our shop called James and the same man used to stand there on match days selling programmes for years. I also remember Parkes store on the corner opposite Lord St where 2 sisters lived selling fruit and veg. There was a butchers opposite too owned by a Mr Orange and another general store near Parkes shop owned by Mrs Frost. Then at the end of the row was a small co-op. Ahhhh isn’t nostalgia wonderful? 

    By Gill Chaplin (26/10/2014)
  • Hi Roger, yes small world. I remember John (Johnny), Jackie, Frank, Josie, Jamie and I think the youngest was Vernon.

    By Angela Roche (09/06/2014)
  • Alan, John Hudson attended High Oakham School approx 1965-69,regards Roger.

    By Roger Newton (09/06/2014)
  • I lived at number 1 Duke street, first detached house on the left hand side from bottom end (Nottingham road). I lived there in 1970. The house was made up of 4 flats. I often wondered who might have lived there when it was a whole house. Across the road from me lived the Hallam’s. They were newspaper wholesalers and I would often hear their van go out in the early hours of the morning to deliver the newspapers.

    By Angela Roche (08/06/2014)
  • I went to school with a lad from Duke St.. High Oakham was the school, Baxter was his name..  Alan Curtis.

    By alan curtis (08/06/2014)
  • Hi Angela,thanks for your comments. Small world isn`t it !!!!  One of the Hallam families sons, Johnny was a big friend of Matt Hudson ( junior),my brother in law, who I will ask for more infomation. Best regards Roger.

    By Roger Newton (08/06/2014)

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