German Plane Visits Mansfield

The credit for this page must go to my wife Iris for remembering that her Grandmother, took her to see this German Plane, when my wife was six years old. Her Gran’s name was Lucy Powell – she always wore one of thoseĀ furs about her shoulders and one of those twenties hats, always looking very smart. I too can remember the plane being in Mansfield, that is after my good lady jogged my memory.

Credit also has to go to Berisford, for, on the little information I gave, he came up with the answer as usual.

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  • How strange that my wife suddenly recalled her Gran taking her to see a German Aeroplane on Queen Street when a little girl. Reminded me again of what life was like when growing up in wartime. This was at the beginning of WW2, and the Messerschmitt 109 was on show to the Mansfield people in 1940. The war had only been declared in September 1939. I can remember it being red in colour, but I’m not sure if it was all red, or just the  propeller nose part, back as far as the cockpit that was red. I have read that the Messerschmitt was the main weapon of the Luftwaffe during the war, and some 30,000 were produced. The one on show was recovered from the sea after being shot down and the pilot had been killed.The bullet holes that penetrated the cockpit could still be seen.The reason for the exhibition that was sponsored by H. Pye & Son’s Garage, Mansfield, believed to be to help the War effort by the using the funds for the purchase of another Spitfire. The German plane was seen by many of the Mansfield residents raising £5,000 for the War Effort. It is assumed that the Messerschmitt Plane toured many of the Towns and Cities , Serving to swell the funds for the war, and raise the moral of the people.

    Once again I acknowledge my wife and Berisford Jones for help with the above information

    By alan curtis (21/05/2014)

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