Chickerah Rag Magazine and Mansfield Carnival

Does anyone remember the activities that Nottingham University students got up to in Mansfield on their Rag Week or at Mansfield Carnival? I say Mansfield as the 1958 Chickerah Rag Magazine, I’ve attached photo’s of, seems to be a Mansfield edition. The main body text is simply joke after joke, and most not all that good it’s fair to say. For example; “Who gave the bride away?” “I could have but I didn’t let on.”

However all the adverts are for businesses in Mansfield and Sutton.

There are letters of appreciation in the opening pages from H W Simpson, Mayor of Mansfield and C E Holland, Chair of Sutton UDC that acknowledge the charitable work of the Carnival.

The colour photo shows the front and rear covers of the magazine. The Henstocks advertisement would probably not be acceptable in today’s standards and that applies to some of the “jokes” inside.

I scanned an interior two page spread because as a youngster we always had bags of Everest crisps in an old tin in the pantry. I remember the packet being red and green (I could be wrong) with a picture of Mount Everest on the front. I presume they were made by a local manufacturer? There are many other local businesses advertising many of which I suspect are defunct. (I’ve lived in Norfolk since late 1978 and I don’t visit Mansfield often enough to know). I would have been 8 years old at the time and have no memories of the event. I presume my mother took me and she purchased the magazine.

Front & rear covers
Notts University
Interior advertisments
Notts University

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  • We used to buy Chickerah each year when the Nottingham University students came to Mansfield. That was in the early to mid 1950s. I remember one joke from those days, “Flies spread diseases – keep yours buttoned!”

    By Tom Randall (10/07/2019)
  • Students,  Students,  EVERYWHERE. during Rag Week…. Open top car loaded with students selling and collecting monies from shoppers around the Market Place, after pushing  copies of the Joke Book under your nose…. No one minded at all….. Remember a record blaring out of Lonnie Donegan ” Putting on the Style ” from the back of the car. 

    By alan curtis (10/10/2016)

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