Bradder Street memories

Ladies on Lord Byron trip to London
Bradder street kids in fancy dress

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  • Hi Kath, do you mind me asking your age and when you lived on the Street?

    By Graham Parker (25/04/2016)
  • Hi Alan the lady on the left is Mrs Thornley and the girl kneeling down on front row third one in is her daughter Beryl. Next to her is Winnie Musson and they lived on top field. Hillsway Crescent to be more correct.

    The kids picture I know a few more - Lady on left is Mrs Dibble and she is holding her son Edward. I think sat down in front is David Wilson, Joan and Pauline Mason my cousins, Lilly Bowers and her sister Jean ? ?’ Abrams next behind her to the left is her sister Gwen in the scots outfit, her sister June is on the end near Terry Squires. Sat on grass near June is Pat Grimley who later died of Yellow Jaundace. I am the one with a baby on my knee but don’t know who except he was from Brickyard.I always thought Joan Reast was holding Keith Reast. May find more snapshots later.  

    Kath Mason. 9/12/14 

    By Kath Mason (10/12/2014)
  • It appears it has been left to me to put a few names to the folk on the photographs.

    I did think the well dressed lady on the left was the Landlady of the Lord Byron Inn. But now I’m not so sure. As one or two ladies on the street had a few bob, and liked to dress posh. I have nothing against that, for it was probably the dress designers of the day that modernized the fashions of the ladies.

    It would be fair to say that I knew all the ladies on the photograph at some time or other, and apologise for those names I have forgotten.  There is, in no particular orde, Mrs Skinner, Mrs Bowers, Dolly Hunt, Dolly Mason, Nelly Mason, Mrs Godber,  Mrs Peach, Mrs Abrams, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Coupe, Mrs Parke, Mrs King, Mrs Grimly, Mrs Scattergood. Mrs Bryon, Mrs Reace. Wracking my brain to think of the others,

    The bottom picture there is Derek (Titch) Bowers, Barry Peach, Joan Reace holding I believe her sister Peggy’s baby. ? Squires. Two of the Parke’s boys, and ? Coupe.

    By alan curtis (01/12/2014)
  • I know many of the folks on the two photographs, but I shall let my sister post them for I believe she will know more than I. I do know the first photograph was taken on Quarry Lane, at the entrance to the Lord Byron Yard, over the old wooden Bridge. Picking the people out was a real test to my memory, but what wonderful memories came flooding back. The second picture I thought had got me, but after a little studying, I remembered some of the youngsters, but passed on the babies. I came to the conclusion, the photograph was taken on the Tippin at the rear of Bradder St. There are not enough houses to the back of the picture for it to be Bradder St.  Therefore in my opinion, the houses in the background, are Cambridge St.

    By alan curtis (23/11/2014)

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