The Midland Hotel, Mansfield

Views of the Midland Hotel taken in August 1980. The public car park on the bottom two photo’s is now where the Bus Station stands.

Chad K8509 11
Chad K850913
Chad K8509 14
Chad K8509 18

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  • I have literally been trying to find some photos of these clocks as Brunels is now back open and a few lovely ladies informed of this quirky past of the Midland. Please if you find any can someone post them?

    By Jenny (20/05/2021)
  • It must be over fifty years since I had a drink in the Midland. That was in the days when all the clocks were on show – talk about ‘time gentlemen please’, it was quite an experience to be having a pint on the hour when all, or most of the clocks chimed at once, (or thereabouts).

    Whatever happened to all those clocks I wonder – Are there any photos about of those ‘time’s and chimes of long ago? 

    By Steeve. C. (18/12/2017)

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