Mansfield Markets - Outdoor and Indoor

The market place as it was over 30 years ago. Many of the surrounding shops and the indoor market, are now just a memory.

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  • Very interesting pictures and good comments, it’s what you would call nostalgia at its very best and it was only 1983. Where as the time gone? Like the little story Alan, and you are spot on we have become lazy and our children and grand children they are in a different world and the Internet. Alan its just over a year from your comment - the Internet has well and truly taken over the shopping trip. They call it progress, still we have the photographs and memories of how Mansfield used to be to ourselves.


    By Former Woodus Lad (27/05/2015)
  • Looking at the old pictures of the food markets this brings a smile to my face, I have so many memories, walking down from Rosemary School backin the mid sixties with my school mate Tony Johnson, calling into the food hall crabbing a snack it was a great feeling. To this date is that food market still there? And which year did this food hall open?

    Gary Noble

    By gnoble (11/09/2014)
  • I remember the indoor and more bustling outdoor market well. On seeing at least one picture, and recalling how at one time you were part of actual bustling crowds there – lots of people shopped on the market back then. People and their shopping habits too have changed enormously, with the internet, retail parks etc, use of cars to shop out of town, all have added to the decline of the market in Mansfield and elsewhere.

    By John (06/06/2014)
  • Alan has made some valid points here and we think this is where it should now be left. Re further comments PLEASE just add memories of the Mansfield market to this page.

    By Editors (07/03/2014)
  • If nobody minds, I would like to add the way it was then, and the way it is now,for we and our predecessors have lived in a progressive world for thousands of years. The times we lived in, especially from the 18th century, have been inventive, and exciting for our ancestors and ourselves over those years. People moved on, and so must we move on, otherwise, we would all still be using Bows and Arrows.  It has taken 4 Centuries of both wars, and clever inventions to get where we are today. Yes, I enjoyed growing up in the Mansfield we knew of old, and I remember it well. I agree, we should keep the old buildings that have been part of our heritage over the many years, for they remind us of how life in our town used to be. If the market was put back, and some of the old shops returned, would we buy from them? I don’t think so. We have just about everything we need, both in our homes, and on our backs. We have cars that take us from A to B. Computers that we can shop from, and sell the things we don’t want any longer, or take what we no longer require to a Charity Shop. All in all, we have become a lazy world , We let machines do the work for us, we like to sit at home, have a drink, and watch television. So there you go, there is not a lot we can do about the loss of our shops, pubs, cinemas, bakeries, and all the rest of them. I wonder if the Internet will take over the supermarkets next?

    By alan curtis (06/03/2014)
  • Hi Simon, yes the town was alive, people went to shop and meet and talk in all weathers. Like most towns today they started to die with horrible all weather shopping malls and they will decline as internet shopping grows! The future looks bleak, the UK must bring back safe town centres that people live, work and shop in.

    By Paul Robinson (02/03/2014)
  • At one time you could spend a whole morning or afternoon perusing up and down the market stalls. You could buy almost everything you needed from the town centre. Now its a mere shadow of what it was. Today the stalls can all be viewed over in five minutes. Why can’t we have it back as it was ?  The indoor market was good too, although its surprising from the photos how small it looks. I would like it all back as it was and I’m sure most others would too.

    By Simon Leivers (14/01/2014)

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