Sam Austin, Arlington House, Bradder Street, Quarry Lane.

Sam Austin, Arlington House, Bradder Street, Quarry Lane.


Sam Austin. My Grandad.


This info comes from my distant memories (so may not be entirely accurate . . L.o.L ) of conversations with my Mum. She passed away aged 59 in November 1989.


Sam had 5 children to my knowledge. The 2 boys were named Carmel and Hyla. The girls were Clarice, Marjory and Hazel (Hazel Mary, my mum). Mum was born September 30th 1930. I don’t know her sibling’s dates of birth, I rarely met them. She didn’t remember much of her natural mother who had died. Her Stepmum was named Lena (perhaps short for Selena ?). (see Wedding photos)

Picture of Marjory and Family with Grandad

Marge and Jim Noble with their children, emigrated to Australia, if I remember correctly, there were 3 boys, Dale Gary and ? and 4 girls, Valerie Janet Lynn and Tina.

Carmel became a Pub Landlord in Nottingham, (Woodboro’ Rd, I’m sure of that, I visited once). I vaguely remember his son Ricky.

Hyla settled in Kirkby in Ashfield and had 9 children with his wife Lilian, I’m still in touch with one of his daughters, my cousin, Jane Mugglestone.

Clarice lived either on Stella or Talbot St, off Nottingham Rd. I don’t know much more than that.

I have no pictures of Clarice, Carmel or Hyla.

Wedding Pictures

Sam Austin (3rd from left). Next to him I think, is Lena. Maybe it’s her daughter or sons marriage?

Same wedding. My Mum on far left. Lena (I think) second from right and maybe her sister next to her ?

I thought it was around 1965 that Grandad (Sam Austin) was coming to Skegness with us for a week in the old Commer Cob van that we had recently acquired. It was delivered to Ladybrook from Nottingham so I reckon Grandad must have had a hand in it somehow.

As we were about to leave for Skeggy he said he felt ill and decided instead to visit his son Carmel in Nottingham. I thought he passed away there soon afterwards but just this morning, as I write this, I’ve discovered which lists only one Samuel Austin, who aged 73, died in Nottingham in Dec 1964.

The Commer Cob van that I think Grandad bought for us. Our first, 4 wheeled transport.

Dad had just recovered from a hip operation (at Harlow Wood I think) which left him severely disabled, (hip replacement as we know it today wasn’t available then) also, he hadn’t driven anything with 4 wheels since the War Ag days.

Here he is practicing on Pye Avenue garages. (Ladybrook)

Ten years after Mums death, realising that we (my 2 brothers and I) knew very little about our own family, I got my Dad writing his life story. It was surprising. It’s amazing what you don’t know about your own parents young lives.

In due course I’ll post his story on a page titled Harry Marcus Stevenson.

Best Regards to All


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  • Hi my name is Tracie Austin, Carmel was my grandfather, he passed in 1993 and Ricky(Ricardo) was my father, he died in 2013.
    Carmel and my Grandmother Jess, had 2 more children, Barry who died as an infant and Jacqueline, who is now Best and living in Carlton, Nottingham. Ric was married 4 times and had 5 children, myself, Elizabeth, Jeremy, Tamar and Phaedra. Jacqueline has 3 daughters Joanne, April and Andrea. There are 14 great grandchildren and 13 great, great grandchildren.

    By Tracie Austin (07/11/2021)
  • Gary, Well well well, how yer doing cousin? It’s great to hear from you after all these years. I remember you all living on Bradder Street and at the bottom of Westfield Lane on the corner of Rosemary Street and on Winthorpe Street.  I didn’t know Jim died there, I thought he took you all to Oz. Did your mum, my Aunty Marge, take you all there on her own? if so, what a brave woman. As for Arlington, out of our side of the family only my Mum ever lived there. After she married my Dad they lodged with Mrs Ball and husband Amos, on Noel St in Mansfield until they got their first home together in a rented room of a house on Mount St, just off Chesterfield Road, while they waited for a council house on Ladybrook Estate. I was born at 10 Somersall Street which was Grandad Sam and Lena’s house by that time. Give my best wishes to my cousins Jane & Val and all the family, Carl.

    By Carl Stevenson (11/07/2014)
  • Hello, my name is Jane, I believe we are related. My mother is Janet Mason nee Noble, the 2nd eldest of Marjory’s children and yes we live in Australia. I was actually born in a house in Bradder street (for some reason I want to say number 19) in 1970. We moved to Australia just before my 3rd birthday. I remember meeting Uncle Carmel and Aunty Clarice on a trip back to the UK when I was 9 or 10. The family history is very interesting and I would love to know more. My mum Janet Hazel just celebrated her 70th birthday and my Aunty Val her 72nd. Marjory’s children are Val, Janet, Linda (who died as a baby), Lynne, Tina, Gary, Paul, Dale and Steven.I still have contact with all except Lynne and Dale.

    By Jane Collins nee Mason (06/05/2014)
  • Hello Alan

    My name is Gary Noble.    I was born in Alington house 1953. My mother is Margory Myers nee Austin,   my memory  back 1960………1970  of Bradder St  was joyfull  a lot of good  times there. I went to Rosemary school   I remember a few school mates , Chris Curtis,  a guy in the name of Leverton, Robert Roberts, the freemans, would know any of these guys ?  My step farther was Jim Myers  his local drinking hole was  the Brick yard club, I also remember  the old couple who owned the shop at the top of the street  nice poeple, I must say Allan a good time of my life , you do relaise Carl is my cousin  .




    Gary Noble 

    By Gary Noble (06/05/2014)
  • Hello my cousin Carl,

    Hey Carl just surfing the net  and I was so excited to come across the story you wrote about our Granddad ,  the austin family , Bradder st  and the Nobles.

    I was born at Arlinton house  am sure we lived there with with your famly Carl, it was true about Granddad  was looking at opening a fish and chip shop in the front room .

    My farther James Noble died after falling down the stairs he was taking my sister Lynne  up stairs to the toilet when  he was hit by a blood clott then fell backwards down stairs, this was at Ladybrook estate not sure of the street but could be Winfield or winthorpe  .

    Carl need to sign off now  love to catch up with you , also aunty Clarise son Glynne lives here in Adelaide  if you need more imformation .

    Regards Gary Noble ,




    By Gary Noble (04/05/2014)
  • Hello my cousin Carl,

    I was very excited  to see the pictures of our Grandad  and my family on Our Mansfield,  I don’t really use the net a lot, only to check on the Stags .  Carl over the 40 odd years since I have been in Australia  I have been wondering how you and your family are.    Just to the family picture  I am top left, Paul, Dale, bottom left Jim Myers my step father, Tina on his lap, my mother , Steven on her lap, then Lynne.   More info - I was born  at Arlington house and I think you were as well ? also, my father James Noble  died  falling down the stairs   not at Arlinton house but at Winfield or Winthorpe St.  in Ladybrook estate , not sure of the street ?  Look Carl, we must keep in touch with each other. 



    By Gary Noble (02/05/2014)
  • It is not often that I have to do this, but I’m afraid I have to apologise to Carl and everyone. On the photograph of the wedding guests arriving, I said the two ladies walking with Hazel Austin and the two children, were definitely two of the older ladies of the Austin family. “I was Mistaken”. I can now correct my mistake. The lady second from the right, wearing the lovely flowered dress, is one Mrs. Selina Baker,(as I knew her before her marriage to Sam). Walking behind Selina is her only daughter, Eileen Baker, she went to school with my sister Eileen. The two children I cannot say, but I guess they belonged to Hazel. Further proof that the lady was Mrs Austin nee Baker, is on the wedding photograph. I didn’t know the brides family, but the groom could well be Hyla Austin, Sam’s lad. The photograph is of course the bride and grooms family wedding picture, bride’s family on the right, and the groom’s family on the left. The ex Mrs Baker is stood with her then husband Sam. I also don’t know who the best man is, and the group are flanked by the four lovely bridesmaids. It appears that Arlington House had it’s own problems, and sadness, for it was one night that the husband of Marjory, Jim Noble, a good hard working man, fell down the stairs, and had the misfortune of breaking his neck from which he died.  I cannot say when or where the accident occurred. When Marjory decided to move to Australia. I know my sister Alice missed her very much, for they were very close friends. I well remember Carmel’s son Ricky, who if he is still around will be well into his seventies.  Carl, you should be very proud of your Mum – when I knew her, she was a lovely young lady, and that is from her schooldays when she came to our house with my sister Eileen…Alan



    By alan curtis (22/01/2014)
  • Hi Alan, Thanks for your comments. It’s been an absolute joy to meet you through these pages. You certainly know your Austins. Mum told me about the chip shop but I didn’t include it because I wasn’t sure and ‘Spiv’ (on Bradder St page) was the perfect description of my memory of Uncle Carmel. I just laughed and laughed. I don’t understand “It is definitely two of the older Austin sisters…” Please advise. I hope to post a few more pictures in due course. . . Best Regards Carl

    By Carl Stevenson (12/01/2014)
  • Hello Carl….I guess you just knew that I would come back to you on this story….There is probably only two people who can relate and knew the Austin family during the time your family lived on Bradder Street…We knew the whole family very well and had much to do with them.. My sister and I also had a lot to do with your mum, Hazel Austin… What a lovely young lady your Mum was.. Seeing Hazel on the left of the picture going into what I believe is Saint Lawrence’s Church,( I believe it is where the old Nottingham Bus Garaged at the rear of the picture )…did a power of good for my memory. It is definitely two of the older Austin sisters…Hazel was of a similar age to my sister Eileen, who I know, ( Knocked about together). Even in my time, the Austin family just grew and grew in size…It is interesting to see the picture of Margery and family, I think it is Jim to the left of the group, they all look very happy. After so long we begin to forget what people look like…Although I remember that the Austin family all had the same resemblance..A short time ago, before I had a computer, a young man was asking if anyone had any information about his mother,Margery Austin, He was writing from Australia…So I guess he was your Cousin….I also remember Sam and your Grandma very well…You can check on the page, Arlington House and the Bradder family…I would has at a guess, that the second picture was taken in the old lord Byron Inn in the Lord Byron Yard Probably by Reg Atkins ,my sister Alice’s husband, he was handy with a camera, he used to go to fairs and shows taking pictures of any baby in a pram, selling them at 7s/6d for three …I missed the latter part of them living on Bradder Street, for I was called up by Uncle Sam, and married in 1955.. It was the Austins who about 1947 turned the front room of Arlington House into a fish and chip shop…

    By Alan Curtis (11/01/2014)

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