When it really snowed

When it really snowed
When it really snowed



Today (21 January 2018) it is snowing, just a light covering so far but it reminded me of two photos I have in my Forest Town collection.

They show a young Phyllis and John Newton outside their home on Old Mill Lane, taken I believe in 1947.  As you can see it really did snow then.

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  • I too remember it well Tom.. I was 14 at the time  and schooling at High Oakham.  Trudged to school, Made it eventually, we were, at the time, in one of the make shift classrooms   and no heating from the broken down boiler. We didn’t get sent home, it was up on the field and told to run round the field six times., It was a little easier after the first circuit when the snow had been flattened.  I remember one just as bad when at Moor Lane School and the snow came over my wellies.

    By Alan Curtis (25/01/2018)
  • I remember it well! I was 10 years of age at Junior School and you walked down corridors  like a Bob Sleigh run to School. We built Igloos out of ice blocks and the blocks were still there in April, it was COLD but we still went to School.

    By Tom Shead (23/01/2018)

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