Fishy Memories

Spa Ponds June 2011
M & P Marples

The page about the Rag & Bone Men brought back memories of when we also used to get goldfish from them. We had a Goldfish Bowl but the fish never seemed to last very long unfortunately

We also had one of the old tin baths on the back yard which we tried to keep Minnows and Sticklebacks we caught in the River Maun on The Meadows. They were mainly in the area that went under the Old Meadow Foundry adjacent the old paddling pools. On reflection they never seemed to last very long.

We also used to go for walks on the Garibaldi Plantation and collect Frog Spawn in the Spa Ponds, but they also didn’t last long either and many a tear was shed on a regular basis by my sister and myself.  

I suppose we were cruel in doing it but being very very young we never understood, I suppose they didn’t like tap water.

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  • It is these annecdotal stories that keep the memories of living in Mansfield alive for those who have been living away for over 50 years. We used to collect frog spawn from the “Coco” pond when I lived on Moor street. After moving to Brick Kiln Lane it was picked out of the little stream that ran in front of the farm house, Hardstaffs I have been informed. I can recall a number of us wandering down the back lane, next to the railway line and crossing the foot bridge to the Hermitage. There was a large crowd of boys and girls with jam jars and the fishing nets we purchased at the small corner shops, or even made from Mums stockings. Thanks Malcom for helping recall these moments Cheers Mike

    By Mike Frost (20/03/2013)
  • That brings back a lot of happy memories Malcolm, catching sticklebacks in Titchfield Park. Did you catch the odd redbreast. I didn’t believe people at first when told they were only male sticklebacks, I thought they were a bit more exotic than that. The point you made about the fish not liking tap water I found that out too.H2O is their natural environment and they tell us that’s what’s comming out of our taps – so if it kills fish what’s it doing to us?

    By Peter Bowler. (18/01/2013)

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