The End of the Line

The title of this book refers to the fact that despite extensive research, Ben believes that he is the last remaining male member of his family that were at one time well-known within the coal industry in the Mansfield, Bolsover and Chesterfield areas.

The book comprises nearly 250 pages of reminiscences ranging from birth in Wartime Nottingham through eight years at a boys boarding school in Derbyshire to employment in the motor trade and photographic and audio retailing in Nottingham. This eventually led on to many different occupations over a working life of 45 years.

“Emigrating” to Isle of Wight in 1972 in order to try running a hotel without any training or knowledge of the business, Ben’s book is complete with four pages of photographs, details of life experiences, strange and eccentric characters met, and many incidents humorous and otherwise recorded over 70 years.

Ben is now retired, but having not yet hit the buffers, he is always busy and fully involved in charity and voluntary work on The Island.

Strongly bound and beautifully presented, the book is Published by Peppermint Books, Derbyshire. (ISBN 978-1-909655-00-3)

The cost is £12.50 per copy including postage and packing direct from the author or £9.95 from The County Press Shop, Pyle Street, Newport, IW or The Bookcase, 50 Main Street, Lowdham, Nottinghamshire. NG14 7BE.

Please apply to: Ben Houfton, Pinewood, 129 Whitepit Lane, NEWPORT, IOW, PO30 1NH

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  • Ben is not the last male ancestor just the last with the surname. I have many family photos so will be good to put a history to them via his book

    By Mary (04/12/2020)
  • I have recently read Ben’s book and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Ben’s life has certainly been a full one with so many complete changes of occupation, very brave in my opinion, it’s not easy to walk away from everything you know and start again from scratch, especially with a family in tow.
    He is excellent at drawing pictures of the characters he has encountered, both those who became good friends and colleagues and also those who were not so nice, and I’m sure we can all identify people from our own lives in his descriptions.
    The book draws you in, is very easy to read and is peppered with humour, you feel as if you are going through life’s journey with Ben, experiencing the highs and lows alongside him, if you get a chance to read this book I would certainly recommend it.
    If you have lived in and around Nottingham it also has the added advantage of taking you on a trip down memory lane as many people will remember the places he talks about, and perhaps even Ben himself.

    By Jenny Wright (20/04/2020)
  • My great grand dad was same as Ben’s so it will be an interesting read as I have got old photos I would like to put names to. Don’t think he’s the last male ancestor – just last with Houfton name

    By Mary (02/12/2018)
  • I found this book fascinating, it is amazing just how many jobs Ben has had and the places he lived. If my memory serves me right Ben also worked in a photography shop for a short time in Mansfield.

    By Pauline Marples (20/10/2013)

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