Guidence on Registering

How and Why

Why register ?

If you want to just view the site you do not have to register.

If you would like to contribute you do need to register and set up a password. By registering you set up your own personal part of the site for making your own pages.

Registering and providing your e-mail address helps to stop rude or unacceptable material being added to the site.

We then keep your details in case the editors may need to contact you, e.g. to check some detail regarding your page before it is published on the site. Your e-mail address will only be available to our people running the 'mansfieldandarea' site and not be publicly available. It will not pass it on to anyone else without your permission. You can read more about our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy .

To Register and Log-in

Click the 'Log-in' text at the bottom of the left-hand margin or click 'Register' here, and follow the instruction.

i.e. add your 'user name' and a 'password' you wish to use to access this site. You are also required to provide your full name and e-mail address so that we know who you are and contact you if required. (As explained above)

This page was added on 18/09/2009.

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