Doctor Norman Lancelot Tweedie

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By Giles Tweedie

With regards to the Doctor Tweedie page:

Doctor Norman Lancelot Tweedie had four remaining children, Ivan, Eric, Marion and Basil.

Ivan married Peggy Jean (Sarah) Gill and had three children, Christopher Rowena and Giles (the author of this page) and emigrated first to East Africa in 1952, then Australia in 1959 where the three grand children still reside. Ivan passed away in 1991

Basil was shot down flying a Spitfire in WW-11, Eric and Marion emigrated to the USA in the late 1950's

Eric and Marion both had three children each, and all grandchildren are still living in the USA

Eric and Marion passed away several years ago

Doctor Tweedie was great friends (and surgeon to) the famous TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and George Brough (of Brough Superior motorcycles) and met his brother-in-law to be, Victor Mclaglen, whislt serving as a surgeon in WW1. A lovely reference to their relationship can be found in Victor's biography, 'Express to Hollywood'. Victor was re united with his sister (Doctor Tweedie's wife,) in 1956 (?) in an edpisode of the USA television program 'This Is Your Life' - sadly Doctor Tweedie had passed away unexpectedly by this time, and his wife shortly after.

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