Sherwood Colliery Welfare


By Malcolm Marples

I am somewhat confused having come across the negatives of the first two photographs, the first one showing a building site, dated around July 1973 stating the ‘ New Sherwood Welfare’.

The second one shows three men behind the bar, dated around December 1979 stating ‘Sherwood Welfare Opens’.

Surely it did not take six years to build

·       Are they different buildings?

·       Was it ‘officially’ opened well after it had been in use?

·       Is there an altogether a different explanation?

The last two photographs were taken for comparison on May 2011, of what I believe was the Sherwood Welfare before it became ‘Ma Hubbard’s’ after the closure of the Sherwood colliery and its Welfare.

What a pity to see the building in such a state after all the enjoyment it had previously provided.

Photo:New Sherwood Welfare

New Sherwood Welfare

CHAD B+2533-11 July 1973

Photo:Sherwood Welfare Opens

Sherwood Welfare Opens

CHAD J5444-9 Dec 1979

Photo:Now Dilapidated

Now Dilapidated

Malcolm Marples

Photo:To be redevelopped

To be redevelopped

Malcolm Marples

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The 1st picture is the building of the welfare Hall, this is still used and is situaed on Sherwood Rise. Sits behind the Rebecca Adlington baths.

By Pam ones
On 02/06/2011

Confusion! The Ma Hubbards building is the site of the Boys Brigade HQ which originally was a Wooden Hut, then a brick built building was provided, it then became the Woodpecker Inn and not sure if Ma Hubbards came after or another name was on the site. The Welfare was originally a wooden structure site about a 1/3 of a mile down Sherwood Rise near the Colliery Brickworks.

By Tom Shead
On 08/06/2011

The Ma Hubbards building after the Boys Brigade HQ became the Sherwood Lads Club opening about 1962. It went as a youth club till the early 70's then became Sherwood Colliery Welfare. It was then i think bought by Shipstones Brewery opening as the Woodpecker

By Joe Sutton
On 17/08/2011

It definitely became Ma Hubbards right after The Woodpecker closed. I remember as I used to frequent there before it closed and then got a job in the Kitchen at Ma Hubbards a few months later.

By Des
On 28/09/2011

Prior to Ma Hubbards it was 'The Woodpecker' and prior to that in the late 70's mid 80's it was a 'Welfare' and prior to that in the 1970's it used to be the local youth club. As far as I am aware the Miners Welfare used to be on the far side of Sherwood Baths just near the old Pit Canteen (Past the tower on the first picture)

By Paul Mason
On 15/10/2011

The Sherwood Welfare was the same building as the Woodpecker. I used to frequent in late 70's when I worked at Sherwood Colliery

By Tony
On 05/10/2012

I think the man on the left is Mr Baker, the colliery manager. The two buildings are different ones.

By Mick
On 06/05/2013

The man on the right of the picture is Jack Able who used to work in the office at Sherwood Pit.

By David Riley
On 31/10/2013

The building in the first picture was situated opposite Sherwood Colliery, the building to the right was Sherwood Baths before the pit was closed.  In the latter building was the pit cafe. Going on further up the road to the right led past the winding houses (on the other side of the road) then a few yards further up on the left is Sherwood Rise, built by the pit to house 'key workers'. We lived in the first house, number 3a, my step father Len Fisher was one of the winding men. If you went left along the road in the photo it eventually led to Woodhouse road and the Woodpecker was on the left.

By glenn sutcliffe
On 14/10/2014