Mansfield Empire Cinema

January 1973

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Hopefully this picture will stir some memories.

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My memories of the Empire Cinema was---- Hope the Usherette didn't direct you to the seat behind the Supporting Pillar!!!  Also Frank the Commissionaire with his peaked hat and uniform 3 sizes to big. Did the Cinema belong to the same group as the Granada [Plaza]?

By Tom Shead
On 03/04/2015

First cinema I ever went to without my parents Tom, I went on Saturday mornings with lads from the street where I lived, It must have been the mid 1950s I would have been about eight years old, the ticket price was six old pence.                                                          The Empire Palace of Varieties which was its original name was opened in August 1914 and in about 1928 was bought by the Denman Gaumont theatre chain and I'm lead to believe it is where the famous duo Flanagan and Allan did their first professional performance. The last owner was The Rank Organisation but could it have been used as a place of worship before it was demolished about ten years after closure as a cinema, I can't recall seeing the big sign on the front that is in the picture but I left Mansfield in June 1973 and only visit occasionally.                                              

By P.Bowler
On 05/04/2015

After the Empire closed as a Cinema it was used by the Mansfield Shoe Co as a warehouse for storing ladies suede winter boots, prior to being exported to Russia.

By Clifford Burton
On 05/04/2015

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