MADE IN MANSFIELD Celebrating Mansfields Industrial Heritage

The opening of the new Gallery exhibition

By Pauline & Malcolm Marples

Thursday 23rd October 2014 was the official opening of 'Made in Mansfield' the new Gallery exhibition in Mansfield Museum, Leeming Street Mansfield.

The exhibition is about the people and companies that made Mansfield a century of industry. The photograph just show limited information of all that is on show.

Photo:Welcome to Mansfield Museum

Welcome to Mansfield Museum

M & P Marples

Photo:Liz Weston MBE (Curator) and Cllr Allsop who opened the exhibition

Liz Weston MBE (Curator) and Cllr Allsop who opened the exhibition

M & P Marples

Photo:Cutting the ribbon

Cutting the ribbon

M & P Marples

Photo:The crowds rush in

The crowds rush in

M & P Marples

Photo:Plenty to see

Plenty to see

M & P Marples

Photo:Lots of interest

Lots of interest

M & P Marples

Photo:Talking over old times

Talking over old times

M & P Marples

Photo:Plenty to read

Plenty to read

M & P Marples

Photo:Talking about the bewery

Talking about the bewery

M & P Marples



M & P Marples

Photo:Coal mining

Coal mining

M & P Marples

Photo:Metal Box

Metal Box

M & P Marples

Photo:Music and memory lane

Music and memory lane

M & P Marples



M & P Marples



M & P Marples

Photo:Coal Mining

Coal Mining

M & P Marples

Photo:Shoe Co

Shoe Co

M & P Marples

Photo:Mansfield Brewery

Mansfield Brewery

M & P Marples



M & P Marples

Photo:Tin Boxes

Tin Boxes

M & P Marples

The new exhibition  is sponsored by The Heritage Lottery Fund and the Mansfield Educational Foundation.

For more information contact the Museum on 01623 463088, or


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