Albert Sorby Buxton

His contribution to Clipstone Camp

By Pauline Marples


Photo:Albert Sorby Buxton

Albert Sorby Buxton

From a painting in Mansfield Museum reproduced with their permission.

 Albert S Buxton was born in Mansfield in 1867


Today he is remembered for his many wonderful paintings of Mansfield that are displayed in Mansfield Museum.    


At the time of the Great War he was headmaster at the Mansfield School of Art  which was situated in Leeming Street.  


He also had a connection to Clipstone Camp for after an appeal by the Bishop of Southwell to churches in the diocese, a Garrison Church was built at Clipstone Camp in 1916. It was dedicated to St George the Martyr, the patron saint of soldiers, by the Bishop of Southwell.  Albert S Buxton  designed the carved communion table that was in the church. It was carved by S E Bevis of G R Cooper Ltd., Mansfield, from oak that was the gift of the Duke of Portland.

Photo:St Georges Church, Clipstone Camp

St Georges Church, Clipstone Camp

Private collection



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